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BTU Cloud additionally offers you a FREE daily backup service.

We understand that we often have unwanted events that can unexpectedly damage our server in cases such as:

  • Operating system updates or patches
  • Virus or Trojans
  • Corruption in our Database
  • Installing a new application

All the previous prevents your server to restart properly.

Consequently, BTU Cloud makes the following backups and snapshots:

  • SNAPSHOT at 2:00 am for two consecutive days
  • Backup every weekend for four weeks
  • Backup at the end of each month for six months

The difference between SNAPSHOT and backup is that in the former we can switch on your server in few minutes, since it is an exact copy of your ENTIRE computer, allowing us to switch it on exactly as it was at the time of SNAPSHOT.

exactly as it was at the time of SNAPSHOT. In the backup case, information is stored in various means as well as in local and remote locations, so that returning a backup can take up to a couple of hours.

Usually a Snapshot is used to quickly launch your server in case of failure and the backup is to retrieve historical data or restore a server version of some past date due to versions of particular dates.

Our recommendation is that you must have DB synchronization routines to an external device if you have a changing Database server, so that in the event of an incident, your information can be reestablished from the SNAPSHOT time up to the incident.